Friday, July 22, 2005

Music Is All We Have (Well, That and Poetry)

"Music is all we have." --Martin Espada

So I'm liking the new look of my blog. It was time for a change. Anyway, I was reading about Paisley Rekdal on NPR's "Along for the Ride," where I learned about the beauty of Wyoming and that apparently she shares my love of Led Zeppelin. I got to thinking about music and what songs or albums would go well with what books of poems. Maybe even some food or drink?

Shin Yu Pai's Equivalence, with the Ahn Trio or something slow and acoustic like Iron and Wine.

Li-Young Lee's Rose with another good storyteller like Bob Dylan.

Chang Rae Lee's Native Speaker (I know, it's a novel) with Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House."

Ishle Yi Park's The Temperature of This Water with A Tribe Called Quest (I'm thinking about "The Low End Theory" album).

Amy Uyematsu's Nights of Fire, Nights of Rain with something by Ani DiFranco or Mazzy Star.


Blogger's Injury Note: I threw out my back a few days ago (not while blogging). I've been to the chiropractor and icing my back with icepacks and a frozen pack of bacon. Weird, I know, but it really works. At least now I can stand up straight without wincing.


Pris said...

Rose and Bob Dylan a definite yes! They're both my personal heroes...well, Dylan used to be. And I love that book, Rose. Lee's poetry sings.

And having dealt with bouts with my own back (and chiropractors and ice), the pound of bacon is a great idea. Think of the feast afterwards!


Shin Yu said...

I wrote part of Equivalence while listening to Iron and Wine...

Lee Herrick said...

No way! How awesome is that, Shin Yu? It's such a lyric, medititative, inspiring book...

Lee Herrick said...


yeah, who would've thought a pack of bacon could work so well?

hey, speaking of poems and music...I liked your poem on your blog (the one with the photo, 1976) and I think of Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" as a good backdrop...


Pris said...

I haven't heard Pink Moon. I'll have to find out more about it. And thanks. I found your comment on my blog.