Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cat Fun

I've been wanting to post a picture of one of our pets since I started this blog. This is our leaper, Akhenaton, going after the cat toy, circa December 2004 (major cat toy season).


Cina said...

Mr. Herrick! Love your site, especially your cat!

Bryan Thao Worra said...

December is definitely big cat toy season! If only they didn't think the christmas tree ornaments and guests were their toys, too.

judy moua said...


I like your cat! Do you have any dog? Good site. I love animals.


linda chang said...

We have one cat of our own, too. My mom's allergic to her so we have to leave her outside in the patio. It's kind of sad, though, but my mom's health is more important.

How did yours jump like that? Nice site.


Lee Herrick said...

Judy & Linda:

Thanks for your nice comments. How did you learn about my site? We actually have two dogs (they stay outside mostly) and three cats. Akhenaton (the jumper) likes to chase the long cat toy at the end of a string...we just kind of wave it around in the air and he goes crazy for it!

I think I'll try to post a cat or dog picture every now and then.


Lee Herrick said...

Thanks, Cina! They're fun animals to watch, aren't they? Hope all's well there and that you're making beautiful music.


Bryan Thao Worra said...

And in a completely useless bit of trivia I'll point out that due to my wife's aversion to cats and dogs, I'm consigned to raising crustaceans- currently hermit crabs and sea monkeys (, in case anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about.)

One of these days I'll have to share more pictures of my travels with the sea monkeys across the United States, but all of this talk makes me think that in the future I SHOULD ask whether or not other Asian American writers keep pets. I think the results might surprise a lot of us.

Lee Herrick said...


Hermit crabs and sea monkeys! That is so cool. I wanted to get a bird necause I love the chirping in the morning, but I don't think it would fly (literally and figuratively) with cats in the house.

AsAm poets with pets...hmmm...intersting. On Aimee N.'s blog, she had a picture of her cute dog, Villanelle. I'm sure others have them too!

My dog's names are Maya (for Angelou) and Joplin (for Janis). They're sisters.

EILEEN said...

Woooooof! Achilles and Gabriela, moi 2 German Shepherds, have long jogged through po-blogland. So they asked me to repost their photos on my blog -- which I just did -- so Lee Herrick can meet them. There they are now at

(p.s. I know -- I need a life...)

linda chang said...

My cousin Judy and I found out about your site when my sister Cina came home. We thouhgt it would be nice to post our comments about your cat, since we all love animals. Actually, the photo of your cat caught us the attention. We think your cat was cool.


Lee Herrick said...


Oh, your dogs are beautiful! I loved the photos! As much as I love posting about poetry and activism, there's something really fun about putting a picture of a pet up, isn't there?

Everybody go check out Eileen's German Sheperds...cute!...Click Eileen Tabios from my links section (and peruse the incredible books while you're there!)



Cool, Linda. Do you live in Fresno? Please feel free to visit again!


mor x chang said...

Your cat really attracts people. It's too bad that I am allergic to fury animals, especially flea bites. I get rashes. We have two huge tanks full of beautiful fishes, turtles, and crayfishes. Our friend's cat is staying outside the patio.

It's a cool picture of your cat!


judy said...

I live in Fresno and heard that you support South East Asian writers. That is awsome, Lee.

Let us know when your book comes out, we'll support you.