Thursday, June 2, 2005

Korean American Poet in El Salvador

That's what I am at the moment, a Korean American poet in El Salvador...San Salvador to be exact. My wife and I have been here for a few days, and we'll stay through most of June. We'll head to some volcanoes soon and most likely journey to La Libertad on the coast. San Salvador is humid in June, teeming with people, with hardly any tourists to speak of. We had pupusas today...delicious.

So before I turn this into a travel log I will just say that I am reading Tseng's The Man With My Face and Tina Chang's Half-Lit Houses...both are great but I really like Chang's book. There is mystery and space amidst the locations, plenty of air to let the lines exhale and inhale, plenty of remembrance and desire. I like it. And while I am here in San Salvador without my DSL, the typing is slow going but I want to keep this blog going. I'm stoked because people have been replying already....Filipina poet Barbara Jane Reyes has given me some great reading suggestions (see her posts under the Top Ten post of mine) and the Laotian poet Bryan Thao Worra has also commented. (Yes, Bryan, let me know about getting a copy of the Hmong poets journal). This is very cool technology.... as low-tech as I am (I still don't own a cell phone) ...this blogging thing is fun.

We're heading out into the countryside (Izalco) for a while, so I'll post in a couple of days.


Mor X. Chang said...

Hi Lee,

How could I get a connection with Bryan Thao Worra?

I am currently establising a website call, "," to promote Asian American Poets.

I would like to share this opportunity with Bryan and any other Asian American Poets out there when the website is fully completed. I hope to have this website done by this summer.

My email is:, if he is to contact me.

PS...Let me know if you know any other Asian American Poets that I am not aware of, so I could obtain more information about them.


Bryan Thao Worra said...

Thanks for asking, Mor!

I usually think of myself as pretty easy to get ahold of- I've been maintaining an e-mail account at for years.

You can find my website at where I also have several free e-chapbooks of my poetry available for anyone who's interested in it.

On another note, it sounds like a fun trek through El Salvador, Lee! Thanks for sharing the details of your journey!